Un Legal Officer

Admission to the OLA internship program is very competitive. Interns are generally expected to perform tasks related to ongoing projects under the supervision of OLA legal counsel. When determining the mission of the trainee, due account shall be taken of the nature of the projects currently underway in the office and the purpose of the internship as expressed by the trainee. The program has a minimum duration of two months and a maximum duration of six months. Within delegated authority, the incumbent will be responsible for the following duties: -Deals with a number of issues relating to international law, including the interpretation and application of constitutional, legislative and other instruments governing the activities and operations of the United Nations, in consultation with senior legal officers. -Conducts extensive legal research and analysis and prepares studies, briefs, reports and correspondence. -Conduct a comprehensive review of legal documents, instruments or other documents. -Preparation or assistance in the preparation of draft background papers, studies, reports, legal texts and commentaries thereon. Prepares or assists in the preparation of legal opinions or opinions on a wide range of issues of international law, including issues relating to privileges and immunities, peace and security, rule of law, international tribunals, institutional matters, treaty law and practice, and procedural issues raised at meetings of United Nations bodies. Prepares draft host country agreements and other agreements, as well as other legal texts and instruments necessary for the implementation of the institutional or operational activities of the United Nations, including its offices, programmes and funds. -Serves or assists senior colleagues in conferences, commissions, committees, working groups, expert groups and other bodies, including preparation of background papers, summaries of topics and views of delegations, meeting reports, etc. -Preparation or assistance in the preparation of seminars and symposia, lectures on various legal issues at these events. -Performs other duties as required.

M. Serpa Soares has extensive experience in legal and international affairs and has represented his country in various bilateral and multilateral international forums, including the Sixth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, the Committee of Public Law Advisers of the Council of Europe and the Assembly of States Parties to the International Criminal Court. Knowledge of the institutions and organization of the United Nations system. Knowledge and ability to apply legal principles, concepts and procedures, as well as terminology for reviewing, reviewing and processing a range of legal documents. Knowledge of various legal research sources, including electronic, and ability to research and analyze information on a variety of legal issues. Ability to interpret and apply legal instruments, develop and present findings, recommendations and opinions in a clear and concise manner. Ability to draft legal documents and work under pressure. Ability to apply good legal judgment in assignments. Shows pride in work and in achievements; demonstrate professional competence and subject matter proficiency; is conscientious and efficient in fulfilling obligations, meeting deadlines and achieving results; is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns; perseverance in the face of difficult problems or challenges; Remains calm in stressful situations.

Take responsibility for the inclusion of gender perspectives and the equal participation of women and men in all areas of work. •Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals; asks for feedback by genuinely appreciating the ideas and expertise of others; is willing to learn from others; puts the team`s agenda ahead of the personal agenda; supports and acts in accordance with the final decision of the group, although these decisions may not fully reflect its own views; recognizes the team`s accomplishments and jointly takes responsibility for the team`s shortcomings. •Planning & Organizing: Develops clear goals in line with agreed strategies; identifies priority activities and missions; adjusts priorities as required; devote sufficient time and resources to complete the work; anticipates risks and considers contingencies in planning; monitor and adapt plans and measures as required; uses time efficiently. Professional experience A minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in law with specialization in international law is required. At least one year of professional experience as a lawyer in an intergovernmental organization or government law firm, with a focus on legal analysis, research and writing, is required. Experience working in preparing legal and oral opinions on institutional and procedural matters relating to United Nations bodies or other similar international organizations and international conferences is desirable. Experience advising on contract law and contract practice is desirable. Experience in preparing talking points or oral presentations on complex issues of international law for a State or intergovernmental audience would be desirable.

16. April 2018, the United Nations Legal Counsel, Mr. International Law Week 2016, organized by the Ministry of External Affairs of India, took place in the last week of October. The Legal Counsel met with legal advisers from capitals and permanent missions and discussed with them some of the current legal issues facing the United Nations. Read more Miguel de Serpa Soares was appointed Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and Legal Counsel of the United Nations in September 2013. It oversees the Office of Legal Affairs, whose overall objective is to provide a unified central legal service for the United Nations. The Office of Legal Affairs employs approximately 200 people from more than 60 countries.