Tucson Law Jobs

The U.S. Attorney`s Office is seeking an experienced attorney to fill a position as a U.S. Assistant Attorney (AUSA) in their salt criminal division. Design, review and negotiate a variety of IT-related agreements, including framework contracts, professional services contracts, licensing agreements, declarations. Review of data/outputs in response to valid legal requests; As the Legal Operations Coordinator, you will review, review and coordinate legal requests. In-depth knowledge of the most important legal concepts and negotiation levers. Very comfortable in a variety of legal issues and topics. Law Clerk Duties: Conduct research calls and prepare draft preliminary briefs or arguments based on legislation or decisions. Conduct legal research using computerized legal research systems such as Lexis and Westlaw or laws, United States Constitution, legal journals, legal overviews, overviews, legal encyclopedias, codes, regional and federal reporters, leaflet notices and various case law. Researches legal issues and standards and prepares written reports. The Legal Assistant provides advanced legal secretarial and administrative support services to lawyers, paralegals, secretaries and other colleagues in the sector. This requires the ability to work with the judge, trainee lawyers and court staff to manage the flow of information and records in accordance with the court. Ensure that TDAs/CDAs are reviewed by the judiciary within a reasonable period of time.

Review key contract terms to ensure they comply with company policies and facilitate revisions. Review all documents relating to criminal cases and assigned violations and conduct additional or additional investigations; prepares files for prosecution. We have offices in Texas, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico and serve clients across the country. Final work with lawyers and firm employees on. assistance in drafting and serving legal acts. Cite checking, fact-checking and copy legal briefs and other legal documents, research, reports and others. The base annual salary range for this position is a national market range and represents a wide range of salaries for this role across the country. Must be 3+ years old as a legal assistant in a private law firm or government office. In-depth knowledge of legal terminology and ability to apply this knowledge to..