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As a member of Atlantic Diving Supply`s legal team, Mr. Nicole (Nikki) Williams ensures that employees are trained on government contracts. Atlantic is one of the largest federal contractors. Written by Jason Pafundi and produced by Liz Fallon. Ayiesha B. and her two-person legal team are working with the National Apartment Association to ensure the nonprofit`s roughly 100,000 members receive and understand the latest laws and regulations around multifamily homes, especially as it relates to COVID. Written by Fatima Taha and produced by Matthew Warner and Gavin O`Connor. Moving the general to general counsel, Chuck Almer moves from a specialized role to that of accomplished legal leader at Construction Specialties Inc. in Lebanon, New Jersey. Written by Neil Cote and produced by Andrew Wright. When Bell Textron Inc. Deputy General Counsel Daniel Mumford has committed to certifying its revolutionary helicopter technology, managing legal affairs and helping develop new sales strategies.

Written by David Harry and produced by Andrew Wright and Kirk Dyson. With more than 18 years of experience in The Fresh Market`s legal department, Gerald L. Walden Jr. says he is now focused on expanding the company`s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Written by Jason Pafundi and produced by Zachary Brann. Although Mexico is known for its well-aged spirits, Salvador M. ensures that the industry`s business plan and legal outlook does not remain bottled in the past. Written by Neil Cote and produced by Diana Carrillo. Over the past year, Rafael Lopez has helped Guerrero Xiaomi Technology close major sponsorship deals and open independent stores as Regional Head of LATAM Legal and Compliance Services.

Written by Katherine Gardner and produced by Diana Carrillo. With locations across California, planning for your future has never been easier. Vanguard Legal Group believes in the power of education. Our speakers travel frequently to California to educate you on important estate and financial planning topics. You won`t want to miss our unique presentations. John Hamlin says relationships are crucial to the successful practice of labour law. At Marsh McLennan, he`s done everything from helping onboard new employees, to an acquisition, to advising the company when it returns to the office. Written by David Harry and produced by Liz Fallon and Gavin O`Connor. No results available, please try to change your search criteria. View results for other cities in. Maggie Drozd led Apex Tool Group, LLC for four turbulent years. He helped manage tariffs, resolve supply chain challenges and ensure protection against the pandemic.

Written by David Harry and produced by Matthew Warner. For Odeth Zepeda Ramos, who ensures efficiency©and compliance at Maico`s more than 100 Sizzling Platter restaurants, there is never too much work to be done. Written by Neil Cote and produced by Diana Carrillo. When Loggi relaunched its Brazilian courier service, Vanessa Isidoro successfully lobbied for drivers to be independent contractors and not employees. Written by Neil Cote and produced by Diana Carrillo.