Naval Station Mayport Legal Office

The Mayport Nova Scotia Office of Legal Assistance and Services is located at Bldg 1868. Mr. Korody began his career in military law at NCIS headquarters and has written legal policies. He then joined the Navy JAG and appointed him a military justice specialist by the Judge Advocate General of the Navy. All active personnel, retirees and their dependants, including reservists for 30 consecutive days of active duty, as well as family members of military personnel who die during active service, are entitled to legal assistance. Korody Law`s office is conveniently located in Jacksonville, Florida, near Naval Station Mayport. The Department of Marine Legal Assistance Program provides eligible clients with free legal assistance in personal civil matters. Legal aid is not funded separately; The program is approved by Congress and is not mandated. Therefore, all legal services are provided « as available » and may vary depending on the availability of resources. Active service is a priority. Korody Law offers a free and confidential case evaluation. Learn more about our firm and if we can help you with your military law problem.

The information contained on this website is provided for general information purposes only. Nothing on this website should be construed as legal advice for any individual case or situation. This information is not intended to establish an attorney-client relationship and receipt or inspection does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. The Legal Aid Office supports a strong prevention program through education and public relations. To do this, he participates in command training seminars and conducts testamentary, testamentary and power of attorney visits to various commands. Some selected reserve units are eligible for these services. The Southeast Regional Legal Services Office (ESLR), based in Jacksonville, Florida, provides legal advice to client commandos in the southeastern United States and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. RLSO Southeast`s mission is to expeditiously handle court martial cases and advise commando commandos throughout the AOR. RLSO Southeast. Mr.

Korody first defended sailors at Naval Base Mayport as an active defender of the Navy JAG assigned to the Naval Legal Services Bureau. He has successfully represented sailors charged with sexual assault, rape, drug distribution and use, theft of military property including basic housing assistance (BAH), possession of child pornography and numerous other offences under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). When viewing an ad, consider the government advertising restrictions that lawyers and law firms must comply with, as well as our legal directory disclaimer Some lawyers publish comparative information about the services they offer, which may be subject to specific comparative disclosure restrictions. In 1992, Naval Air Station Mayport was consolidated into Mayport, Nova Scotia, giving it the unique distinction of being a busy seaport and air facility that conducts more than 135,000 flight operations per year. Mayport is home to more than 23 ships, including guided missile cruisers, destroyers and AEGIS missile frigates. Our experience and training is superior to that of any Mayport Navy JAG defender who may be assigned to your case. NS Mayport serves as the home port for more than 23 ships, including Naval Legal Service 1868 Baltimore Street Building 1868 NS Mayport Mayport, FL 32228 Korody Law represents sailors in addition to your Navy JAG defense attorney.

This means that you will get Mr. Korody`s extensive experience in addition to the JAG defender. The Office of Naval Legal Services offers assistance to: We believe that every seafarer deserves the best defence when faced with a court martial, administrative separation or NJP. If you are under investigation, request a free case assessment. Korody Law, P.A. has been providing world-class criminal defense services to the Mayport Naval Base community since 2015. The law firm has represented hundreds of sailors assigned to the Mayport naval base who are facing court martial, administrative separation and extrajudicial sanctions (NJP). Answered all my questions for a medical power of attorney! Korody Law is the only law firm near Mayport Naval Base that specializes in defending military personnel. M. Not only is Korody one of the few lawyers described as a military justice specialist, but he is also qualified to handle murder cases that carry the death penalty.