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My Legal Mate provides Macquarie students with free 24/7 access to legal resources in seven different languages: English, Mandarin, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Thai and Vietnamese. Beau Leese, co-founder and co-CEO of Practera, said: « My Legal Mate is an exciting three-peat innovation – it`s a groundbreaking and well-designed legal resource for international students and an example of how professional services can be digitised and automated. » The Experiential Learning Practice Platform was chosen to go beyond digital services and create a learning opportunity based on real-world experiences. The roll-out of MLM has been a great project for Practera, and we are also very proud to contribute to the well-being of international students in Australia. My Legal Mate was developed by Redfern Legal Centre, drawing on their experience in providing legal advice to students. Legal information is provided through video-on-demand content and Q&A modules. My legal companion addresses four areas of law identified as most needed by international students and service providers: employment, housing, disputes with education providers, and sexual assault. The information is provided in the form of an interactive, video and personalized question and answer format that is user-friendly and easy to use. If you are an international student in urgent need of legal advice, please call the Redfern Legal Centre on 02 9698 7645 Short interactive quizzes ask students to define their legal problem through a series of yes/no answers. This creates personalized pathways that guide students through legal and non-legal remedies using accessible language and links to resources, accompanied by videos of talking heads delivered by community voice speakers.

Through this app, you can get instant and free legal information. My Legal Mate is a free legal resource for international students in New South Wales. Do you need legal help? Discover My Legal Mate! Macquarie University is now the first higher education institution to launch the My Legal Mate (MLM) legal services app for the 11,000 international students. MLM is an innovative new mobile app that provides legal information to international students in New South Wales on the go, developed by Redfern Legal Centre on the Practera platform. Understanding your legal rights is a very important part of self-protection, especially during COVID-19. The My Legal Mate app provides international students in New South Wales with instant access to confidential and free legal information and answers to frequently asked questions about law in Australia. « International students studying at home can face a host of pressing legal issues, » said Joanna Shulman, CEO of the Redfern Legal Centre. « A lot of students lack legal literacy in Australia and they just don`t know where to get help. » My Legal Mate uses interactive videos to give you instant access to free and confidential legal information in 7 languages, when you need it! My Legal Mate was created by Redfern Legal Centre and is secure, confidential and free. The platform was built using the legal expertise of RLC`s NSW International Student Legal Service and the experience of educational technology developer Practera with support from Study NSW, Fair Work Ombudsman and the City of Sydney.

Funded and supported by Study NSW, City of Sydney, Fair Work Ombudsman My Legal Mate is an Australian first. The app uses interactive videos in seven languages to provide international students with instant legal information on issues such as underpay at work, housing issues, and sexual assault. « We are proud to partner with Macquarie University to enhance the well-being of their vibrant international student population and provide accessible and culturally appropriate legal information, » said Ms. Shulman. My Legal Mate is available to international students in English and six other community languages, including Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Thai and Vietnamese. It offers international students the opportunity to tackle pressing legal issues such as underpayment at work, housing issues, and sexual assault. « I found the My Legal Mate app very useful in my experience at Macquarie University and Sydney, particularly in the work-related field. I use the app as an opportunity for me to learn about all the new work-related legal information I need to know when I start a new job. I have recommended it to other Macquarie students if they have any problems or need more information. « The partnership between Macquarie University and the Redfern Legal Centre is a direct response to the fact that 1 in 3 international students face legal issues while studying in Australia, » said Gail White, Executive Director – Student Engagement and Registrar at Macquarie University. To ensure international students understand their legal rights and can protect themselves during COVID-19, the New South Wales Government and the City of Sydney have made 70,000 downloads of the multilingual My Legal Mate app available to international students free of charge. « It was a good reminder for me when I moved out and signed my new lease, so I was above my rights and obligations as a tenant. » All current Macquarie students have free access to the My Legal Mate app.

Simply fill out the Study NSW registration form to access the app. Looking for information on courses, accommodation or health insurance? Contact LAE International Education Sydney, tel: +61 2 9290 2446, +61405 849 995 or via the LAE website. For more information on how Study NSW collects and manages personal information and how you can access and correct it, please visit My Legal Mate is also available to NSW education providers on a subscription basis. The free download offer for international students in New South Wales is provided by Study NSW and the City of Sydney. More info. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with a *Study NSW takes appropriate security measures to protect your personal data against loss, unauthorised access, use, alteration, disclosure or other misuse.

My Legal Mate was launched in 2019 with support from Study NSW, the City of Sydney and the Fair Work Ombudsman. My Legal Mate was created by Redfern Legal Centre and is delivered on the Practera technology software platform. p. 02 9698 7277| Crowd. 0401 933 789 | Even if you are not required by law to provide the above information, your request may be refused or delayed if you do not provide the relevant information upon request if the information is necessary for a decision on your application. MLM is available to all higher education providers in New South Wales, and versions for other states are in development – to find out more about access and pricing, please contact the Redfern Legal Centre via their website. Created by Redfern Legal Centre`s International Student Legal Service NSW, My Legal Mate also answers frequently asked questions about law in Australia that all international students need to know! Study NSW may share anonymised information for research and statistical purposes. Anonymised information and aggregated data will be shared with third parties outside of Study NSW. Study NSW collects your personal data for the following purposes: Study NSW will not share your personal data with third parties, other than Practera, for purposes not already set out in this Privacy Policy or to which you have not otherwise consented, unless Study NSW is required or permitted by law to do so.