Mullis and Peake Legal 500

The firm is a member of LawNet, an organization of mid-sized law firms dedicated to helping member firms provide legal services. Holly has a pragmatic approach with the ability to simplify things down to the most important points so that the client can better understand things without drowning them in legalese. She is very analytical and knows how to work in a team. personal services: contested wills and financial benefits; protection court; Disputes; career guidance; family and divorce law; family mediation; lease renewals and franchise claims; Litigation; Injury; residential property; wills and powers of attorney; and trusts and estates. « Andrew Fidler has been my contact person since I took over the management of our real estate portfolio about 10 years ago. I find him approachable, hardworking and very competent. Most importantly, it is very accessible. He`s also my main point of contact within the firm, so I`m talking to him first. If he can`t advise (which is rare), he`ll know who can.

I trust his advice and appreciate his ability to anticipate problems before they arise. In particular, the work we have done over the past year during these challenging times has been appreciated by our company. The firm employs approximately 35 lawyers of varying seniority and experience. The principal members of the firm are members of the Law Society`s bodies dealing with personal injury and family law. The firm is a member of the Law Society`s Transferancing Quality Scheme and holds Lexcel accreditation for practice management. Mullis & Peake LLP is pleased to announce that its Commercial Litigation, Family Property and Commercial Property teams have been named to the Legal 500 for the fifth consecutive year. The Legal 500 is a legal directory with some of the best law firms in the world. Any legal discipline of a law firm has the possibility to request inclusion in the exclusive directory, provided that certain conditions and standards are met. Part of the assessment and review process includes reference checks and interviews. « Jessica Thrower provides her clients with practical legal advice to find a quick solution to the case. » Mullis & Peake LLP Solicitors is a leading law firm with teams of highly qualified practitioners providing legal advice to businesses and individuals. The firm is recognized for its commitment to providing excellent client service and its close ties to the local community. « Martyn Trenerry has a lot of experience and is an excellent tactician.

Holly Minney has extensive experience handling all aspects of trade disputes. « Our main contacts are Jo Wood and Andrew Fidler, who have always been available for free and are happy to discuss issues before starting the store. » The company`s centuries-old presence in the Romford area means Mullis & Peake takes its community relationships and responsibilities seriously. The company chooses a local charity as its charity of the year and all employees are invited to participate in a wide range of fundraising initiatives. Holly particularly enjoys playing netball, having represented England at U19 and U-21 level, and continues to play in the Netball Premier League. « I find them efficient and available to meet my commercial real estate needs in a timely manner. » « A small but experienced team dedicated to finding solutions tailored to the individual needs of its customers. » « Martyn Trenerry has decades of litigation experience in many areas, including high-value personal injury, estate claims and other estate claims. The group has a high level of qualification in many areas of litigation with a particular interest in the work of landlords and tenants and understands the legal changes that attract so many people. « Thank you, Martyn, for winning your case. I am pleased to be able to express my thanks in this way.

You are an asset to Mullis & Peake and I recommend you to anyone who needs your expertise. Holly is a member and head of our Dispute Resolution Department Congratulations to all the teams who have helped the firm succeed and grow its profile. We look forward to growing our entire team to climb the Legal 500 in the coming years. « Jessica Thrower is a mediator trained in resolving disputes through mediation and collaboration, but robust, direct and pragmatic when legal action is required. Particularly competent in private litigation in children`s law. « Martyn Trenerry is an experienced litigator who can turn to anything. He is diligent and proactive. Martyn Trenerry does an exceptional job in difficult and highly competitive cases such as estates, injuries, commercial disputes, including issues where the conduct of the party is in question. He has decades of experience and it shows.

Samantha is a member of Mullis & Peake and leads our Protection Court team Sam`s qualifications include LLB (Hons), SFE Older Client Care in Practice Award and a law degree from Queen Mary & Westfield, University of London. Holly holds an LLB from the University of Kent, LPC from the College of Law in London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Law. I would definitely recommend your services and wish all lawyers to be as effective as you. Samantha has always lived and worked in the East London boroughs, so she knows the area, the people and the organisations. This local knowledge is invaluable in assisting their Protection Court clients and Power of Attorney in their daily lives. After training as a lawyer at a leading criminal law firm in East London, Samantha gained an understanding of the criminal justice system, which helps recover assets and property when clients have been victims of financial abuse. It also means that in the decades since graduation, she has become an expert at dealing with difficult situations and individual challenges. However, her clients have also told her that she is approachable and compassionate when dealing with them, so I hope she has the right balance! « Sally Ward was very thorough, calm, understanding, patient and honest. » I`m also sure Danielle would work on her other projects and clients with the same enthusiasm. You have a good, dedicated lawyer in Danielle. « Litigation is rare for us, but Mullis & Peake is always our first choice when it comes up. I found Esther Marshall to be very hardworking, knowledgeable and detail-oriented, the key qualities required in litigation from the client`s perspective. I also found Esther very responsive, approachable and kind.

While this has been exceptional over the past 12 months for the wrong reasons, I`ve seen little sign that it has impacted the quality of work or response times. Types of work performed: Business services: trade and commerce; commercial disputes; Commercial; career guidance; mergers and acquisitions; industry expertise; Construction; Health service; and leisure and hospitality. « The team is a very respected department. Roger joined Mullis & Peake in 2005 and specializes in all aspects of residential real estate work, including buying and selling, initial registrations, loans, auctions, share releases and property transfers. Mullis & Peake LLP is pleased to announce that its Commercial Litigation, Family Law and Commercial Property teams have been named to the Legal 500 for the sixth consecutive year. Mullis & Peake LLP`s Romford team has a « broad range of expertise within the practice » and handles litigation in a variety of industries, including construction, leisure and healthcare. Practice Director Holly Minney is a qualified lawyer, while the firm`s chairman, Martyn Trenerry, has « decades of litigation experience in many areas, including high-value personal injury, estate claims and other estate claims. » Partner Esther Marshall has a proven track record in commercial disputes, landlord and tenant issues, and land disputes. « They are well trained and well supported.

The company has a positive philosophy of will. The people I`ve met seem to support and encourage each other. If a problem arises, they take care of it. They deal with the subject they are facing. It`s not a 9-5 company that ticks a box. Your employees and partners are always accessible on mobile. They will contact you if a problem arises. They seem to be above their work.

It`s very different from other companies I work for. Here are some of the testimonials about our family team. Roger has extensive experience in residential property law with an encyclopedic understanding of technical issues that can often result in time and money savings for clients. « Always able to contact them. Excellent in-depth knowledge of all. » Very friendly and organized team. Efficient systems, respond very quickly to emails and coordinate well with customer reports. « Jessica Thrower is knowledgeable and approachable. She has a warmth and understanding of her clients` cases, which is excellent. CLIENT: Mark Huttlestone COMPANY/COMPANY: AOC TESTIMONIAL: Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your diligent and proactive work during the sales process of our industrial unit.