Missouri Legal Definition of Trespass

Because of the way laws are written, it can be difficult to read them in their entirety and understand exactly what they convey. For a more accurate analysis, it is best to work with a lawyer for complex cases. However, if you just need a simple clarification or introduction to the law before meeting with the lawyer, read a simple guide to the statutes. The following table provides a simple overview of criminal trespassing laws in Missouri. (1980) First-degree trespassing is a less serious second-degree burglary offence, since all elements of the less serious offence are involved in the more serious burglary offence and it is impossible to commit a burglary without also trespassing. State v. Neighbors (A.), 613 S.W.2d 143. In Missouri, it is illegal to enter or remain on another person`s property without their permission. However, the way current laws are written can make it confusing at best to understand exactly what counts as trespassing.

If you have been charged with trespassing in Springfield, MO, please contact the law firm of Missouri Legal as soon as possible. We can provide you with legal assistance and peace of mind by mitigating any costs you may face. Call our defense attorneys in Springfield, MO anytime to discuss your case. Read on for more information on Missouri`s trespassing laws*, including the penalties that can be imposed if someone is convicted of trespassing. The first step is to hire an experienced defense attorney to represent you. It is never a good idea to deal with a criminal case alone. A respected criminal defense attorney can present your defense to a prosecutor and negotiate credibly in a way that a non-lawyer cannot. Like most laws, trespassing has subtle wording and a complex case history that allows an experienced lawyer to create defenses where they are not obvious. An example of this is entering an unoccupied apartment with bold « No Entry » signs.

Although trespassing charges are considered administrative offences, they are often associated with more serious crimes such as vandalism, burglary and trespassing, and domestic violence. The addition of these charges usually leads to criminal offences. What`s more, even a conviction for a minor offense in your case could prevent you from getting a well-paying job. Especially if work or career requires you to manage other people`s property or go to other people`s homes, such as a bank employee or real estate agent. When it comes to trespassing cases in Missouri, the person charged with the alleged crime was often accidental without knowing they were unauthorized because there were no notification requirements or clear markings to prevent intruders from entering. Missouri does not require unauthorized signage and markings, including the Purple Paint Act. This law states that the land marked with purple paint is also a sign to potential intruders that they cannot cross or enter the property. Below are all the legal requirements and markers that can be used as indicators that people cannot enter the property unless they are allowed to: Contact Kirsch & Kirsch today for a free case evaluation. Read on to learn more about entry and entry versus entry into Missouri. Because trespassing can so easily be plunged into more extreme charges, such as burglary and burglary or burglary, it is important to the outcome of your case that you discuss your charges with an accomplished criminal defense attorney in Missouri. A person can be charged with Missouri`s first or second degree trespass, both of which are offenses. As with most crimes, certain factors determine the charge and the penalties a person can face if charged with trespassing.

Findlaw breaks down the possible penalties for these crimes into plain English as follows: Note: State laws can always change through the passage of new laws, decisions in higher courts (including federal decisions), election initiatives, and other means. While we strive to provide the most up-to-date information available, please consult an attorney or conduct your own legal research to review the state laws you are seeking. There is often a bit of confusion regarding trespassing and burglary laws in Missouri, so if you are charged with any of these crimes, you will need the advice and representation of a Jefferson County trespassing attorney, and you should contact that attorney immediately.