Are Fireworks Legal in Nevada

Each Nevada county has its own specific fireworks laws, some requiring a « Safe-N-Sane » emblem and protocol. In some counties, fireworks, called consumer fireworks, are only allowed in certain areas. No person may fire fireworks of any class in a county where it is forbidden to fire fireworks. It doesn`t matter where these fireworks are bought. It is illegal to have them in your possession anywhere in Nevada. In addition, you are threatened with civil fines depending on the gross weight of the fireworks: it depends. Every Nevada county has its own laws governing fireworks.1 Any fireworks that fly through the air, explode, or swirl on the ground is illegal. These are the guys you have no control over and, as a result, they can end up causing a fire. For example, in Clark County Wetlands Park and other local parks, or on public lands in southern Nevada, including Mount Charleston, Lake Mead, and Red Rock Canyon, fireworks of any kind are not allowed. Yes, it is legal to buy fireworks that are not « Safe-N-Sane » in Nye County (including Pahrump). But curiously, Nye County prohibits the possession or use of any type of fireworks there. It is even illegal to own or use « safe and healthy » fireworks in Nye County.

« Safe & Sane » fireworks include sparks and fireworks that stick to a small circular area on the ground and do not explode in the air. Illegal fireworks include fireworks, Roman candles and celestial rockets – all items made from highly flammable materials. Safe and healthy fireworks approved for sale at local fireworks stalls on the fourth of July have been tested and approved for use in Clark County and area cities. It is also a crime to use fireworks maliciously or intentionally to damage or destroy property. If no significant bodily injury occurs, you face Category B penalties: in 2020, approximately 15,600 people were hospitalized for fireworks-related injuries. Of these, 66% occurred between June 21, 2020 and July 21, 2020. Some of the most frequently reported injuries include: The Nevada Highway Patrol and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police have set up traffic checkpoints (similar to DUI checkpoints) during rush hour to scan cars for illegal fireworks. A typical spot is the section of Blue Diamond Road that connects Nye County (where many fireworks are legal) to Clark County.

These checkpoints often appear in the week leading up to July 4. The best strategy to defend against allegations of fireworks in Nevada revolves around the specific facts of the case. The most common defense is to show « safe and healthy » fireworks usually including sparks and fireworks that cling to a small circular area on the ground and do not explode in the air. Officials say the best way to ensure fireworks are not illegal is to buy them from local vendors licensed to sell « safe and reasonable » fireworks during the authorized sale period. Fireworks sold to TNT or ghost fireworks stalls this season have been tested and approved in local jurisdictions to ensure they don`t leak, burn too hot or rise too high in the sky. « Safe and healthy » fireworks are the only type of consumer fireworks allowed in the city of Las Vegas, Clark County, and other local cities. These fireworks are allowed annually from June 28 to July 4, when non-profit groups sell them for fundraising purposes at authorized and locally inspected kiosks. Due to the dry conditions at this time of year, firefighters urge the public to exercise extreme caution when using fireworks and follow a few simple safety rules listed below. Remember: even « safe and healthy » fireworks can be dangerous in our arid desert environment, causing fires and injuries if not handled with care. Fireworks are never allowed on public lands in southern Nevada, not even the « safe and healthy » type, including Red Rock, Mount Charleston and Lake Mead. Severe burns to the hands or fingers are the most common type of injury caused by fireworks.

However, these parts of the body often suffer from fractures, sprains and bruises or lacerations. Fireworks (also known as commercial fireworks) are legal for organizations with the appropriate issuance permits and insurance. Fireworks operators must also apply for and pay for the appropriate certificates and pass a licence test. All operators must be 21 years old. The Nevada State Legislature authorized the county to increase fines for illegal fireworks during the 2021 session. Violators caught with illegal fireworks in unincorporated county areas face an increased minimum fine of $500. The legislation provides for fines of up to $10,000 for large quantities of illegal fireworks found in the community. Safe-N-Sane fireworks are those that have been tested and approved by the Valley Firefighters for use during this week of the year. At all other times of the year, Safe-N-Sane fireworks are illegal, just like any other type of fireworks that fly through the air, explode or spin on the ground. All fireworks booths must have a permit and be inspected to operate in the city. « You Light It, We Write It » is a campaign in southern Nevada aimed at educating the public about what is allowed and what is not — and the penalties if caught with illegal fireworks.

This campaign will be active during the fourth holidays of July. Law enforcement teams, consisting of county, city and LVMPD fire inspectors, will be back on the road this year over the holiday weekend to crack down on the use and possession of illegal fireworks in local neighborhoods. In 2021, more than £600 worth of illegal fireworks were seized. Therefore, it is even illegal in Clark County to own Safe-N-Sane fireworks for everyone except one week of the year.3 Important: Show and consumer fireworks are illegal at all times and in all counties at the following locations: Note that fireworks are still prohibited in the following locations, Regardless of the county they are in: Fireworks are only legal in Nevada under 3 conditions: All fireworks purchased in Nye County must be removed from the county within 24 hours. Police usually only resort to arrests if you are caught with a large number of fireworks or use them in dangerous ways.6 The public can call 311, the non-emergency police number, to report the use of illegal fireworks, but on a busy night like the fourth of July, calls of this type to 311 do not take precedence over those for emergency response. Yes. The Moapa Indian Reservation is not required to comply with national or local fireworks laws. Therefore, sellers can sell fireworks there that are not « Safe-N-Sane ». In short, fireworks are illegal in Las Vegas and throughout Clark County, with the exception of the Safe-N-Sane variety in the week leading up to July 4.

Note that bringing fireworks on a plane (or during an attempt) is illegal under federal law.5 Therefore, people who purchase fireworks in Nye County must sign a waiver promising that fireworks will be taken outside of Nye County within 24 hours.9 Roman candles are illegal in Clark County year-round. Dangerous fireworks, including large fireworks, air shows and objects that explode on impact or due to friction. Based on the information available to US Fireworks at the time of compiling this data, the following legal requirements apply to the State of Nevada. Bottled rockets: Legally permitted celestial rockets: Legally permitted Roman candles: Legally permitted fireworks: Legally permitted sparks: Smoke and punk legally permitted: Fountains legally permitted: Rockets legally permitted: New products legally permitted: Crackling and strobes legally permitted: Parachutes legally permitted: Wheels and spinners legally permitted: Celestial aircraft legally permitted: Display shells Legally Allowed: Legally Allowed Pieces of Air Allowed (Cake): Legally Permitted NOTE: All counties have different regulations. US Fireworks attempted to compile the relevant fireworks legal information for the state of Nevada. Please note that state laws are constantly changing and this information may be out of date. To be sure, you should check the information presented here with the State Fire Marshal`s Office. US Fireworks has provided this information solely as a convenience and is not responsible for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies that may be contained in such data. In this article, our Las Vegas fireworks lawyers answer frequently asked questions about Nevada`s fireworks laws, penalties, and how to combat the charges.

Illegal fireworks are a community problem that we need to address through awareness and support. The use and misuse of illegal fireworks is particularly serious during the fourth July holidays, when our « You Light It, We Write It » campaign is underway. According to the court, those caught with illegal fireworks face fines of up to $1,000 plus disposal fees. Minimum sentences in Clark County start at $500.