Are Clearview Mirrors Legal

The Fit System travel trailer train mirror must fit all mirrors up to a height of 11.5 inches. It has a safe mounting material, so you don`t have to worry about it falling. Unless something drastic happens, the mirror should be safe. The mirror gives you the extra view you need to pull a large travel trailer without obstructing the original mirror. >Order our NEW next-generation mirrors Use the search below to find your make and model In practice, there are very few vehicles that have mirrors wider than the caravan they pull. You can almost certainly forget about this exception and assume that you will need tow mirrors. Use the search bar below to find the right Clearview mirror for your vehicle. Our mirrors are designed for every brand, model and series. Learn more about our product, size, installation and much more. In Australia, the law requires to have caravan towing mirrors, unless the vehicle used for towing has already been factory equipped with mirrors wider than the caravan and also offering an unobstructed view over the entire length of the trailer caravan. If you don`t have a particularly wide car with wide mirrors, you`ll need to buy mirrors before you leave with your RV. Ok, then, in the language of the layman; If a mirror is less than 2 meters above the ground, it must not exceed the side of the trailer / caravan by more than 20 cm* so as not to cause another obstacle and cause damage or injury to people or property.

This is also the reason why we are not allowed to use tow mirrors when we are not actually towing, as this would mean that the mirrors automatically exceed the allowed limit. The first thing to do before hitting the road with your travel trailer is to make sure your towing mirrors are clean. Towing mirrors can collect dust and dirt very quickly, as you usually take your trailer to more rural environments and on dirt roads. So, before taking a trip, make sure everything is clean in order to have good visibility. Universally applicable towing mirrors adapt to any vehicle. They can be attached to the mirror or mounted on the window. However, with these mirrors, there may be an increase in your resistance. This can cause wear and tear on the body of your vehicle if you don`t mount it properly. It only took 4 years to bring the Next Gen Towing Mirror series to life. After more than 13 years in business, we thought it was time to introduce a new style of tow mirrors.

All of our tow mirrors have been tested and approved as complying with all applicable Australian design rules. This ensures their legality in all states and territories of Australia. In reality, they are hard to forget and people usually only leave them when they are particularly difficult to remove. For this reason, it`s a good idea to look for mirrors that are easy to put on and take off. If they are difficult to install, it will make your life much more difficult if you have to put them on and take them off all the time. Now that all this has been explained, many drivers will ignore it and continue to pull a caravan without attaching mirrors to the vehicle. Apart from the obvious safety issues, there is a very high probability that they will be arrested by the police and receive an injury report. In Victoria, this offence is 297(2) – do not have an unobstructed view of the road and traffic, in front, behind and on each side of the RR 297(2) driver and it will cost you $233.

Some pilots who were recently subjected to security checks in Newmerella were fined for not installing mirrors when needed. Given the low cost of a good set of tow mirrors and the likelihood that in the future the police will focus more on towing safety, if you simply avoid a fine by attaching extension mirrors, they have paid for themselves. We are currently reviewing the purchase of CLEARVIEW towing mirrors for our Toyota Prado, but we have just read testimonials and although they are excellent, I have read that they are not legal and that the police arrest them and ask them to remove them. Was there anyone who knew about it? However, if the trailer is removed, these rear-view mirrors must be removed if they exceed the extreme width of the towing vehicle by more than 150 mm. Anyone familiar with the Highway Traffic Act knows that the use of the word « shall » in this context means that a statement is a law, as opposed to a recommendation. As the website clearly states; « You have to have an adequate view » is the legal obligation, not the installation of towing mirrors. The website then states that you need to install proper mirrors if your trailer or caravan is wider than the back of your car. In most cases, when the caravan or trailer is wider, train mirrors are required to obtain the legally required rear view. When police inspect towing vehicles and caravans, they first check to see if towing mirrors have been installed.

Otherwise, they measure the distance between the outside of your two regular mirrors (measured with the front windows facing down) and then measure the width of your caravan at its widest point. I have to admit that my original Australian truck mirrors had to be removed in order for me to get to the parking lots. Similarly, the Ora Big Reds I use now – when I go into town to shop, the mirrors come off. So if they are so wide and hooked to the vehicle, it can be a problem. Yes, if you unplug your trailer from the towing vehicle, let`s say that if you reach your destination before leaving, it is legally mandatory to remove the mirrors (or remove them in the case of Clearview mirrors). There are a few smart ways to get around this problem that you will see with high-quality caravan mirrors. Some can be pushed back or folded so that they no longer protrude from your normal mirrors. Others have a screw in place that allows you to remove the mirror yourself, but leave the base of the device in place. From the driver`s seat, the mirrors must be adjusted in the same way. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to see from both sides of the car – if the width between the two mirrors is greater than the width of the caravan – everything is fine! Your vehicle is considered to comply with the law. This applies to everything that is towed, including RV trailers.

Hi everyone, Well, it`s time to withdraw my message about the legality of the Clearview Mirror, I just phoned Mike Cowan from Clearview Mirrors, we had a very extensive conversion about the product, the thoughts behind the product and how the product evolved and its plans for the future. The Australian design rule states that the rear-view mirror must not protrude more than 250 mm beyond the widest part of the car, not above the door or window, as we were told before, the Landcruiser 200 meets the requirements of mms, but still remains within 250 mm. After a long conversation, I found out that Mark is in Perth this weekend for the 4×4 show, so I encourage people to come down and watch the product. Once you understand these factors, the decision is yours. Everything else depends on personal preferences. Do you want flexible mirrors? Do you want mirrors with LED lights? These things are not a necessity and depend entirely on you. So, do your research and you`ll be able to figure out what`s best for you. By far, the most common myth we hear right now is; « The law has now changed. You should always install extended mirrors when towing. They are now required by law. In reality, this is not true. The law simply states that we must have the prescribed retrospective.

This view is defined as an area 4 meters from the side of the vehicle, at a distance of 20 meters back, as shown in the diagram below. In fact, if we already have this required field of view, then in all likelihood, the installation of extended mirrors will make us illegal. The choice between a chrome or textured black finish is suitable for most vehicles. While both designs are equally durable and practical, and will be able to withstand the rigors that the Australian outback will have to produce, chrome mirrors require polishing from time to time to maintain their original shine. The rear-view mirrors shall not exceed the width of the vehicle by more than 150 mm if no trailer is installed. My boyfriend put them on patrol and swears by them. Much better than the truck mirrors it had before.  » he says. If you have a large travel trailer, having longer mirrors can be a concern for you. There are situations where you might worry about scratching your mirrors along a wall when you`re under tight pressure. To avoid these situations, you should buy mirrors that can be folded to the side of your vehicle.

This way, you can pass through tight bruises if necessary. Otherwise, there may be places you can`t go if you have large mirrors. Wondering if caravan mirrors are required by law or not? While recreational vehicles are a wonderful way to explore our country, it`s important that you understand all the legal requirements before embarking on your first adventure. Rearview cameras are not acceptable as a replacement for caravan mirrors. This is due to the requirement that the driver must be able to see the entire length of the caravan or motorhome.